The Freedom Reigns Ranch "Heroes & Hooves" program assists military veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders and their families with reintegration after deployment, service members
suffering from PTSD and trauma including physical and mental injuries.
  To accomplish this mission, we employ credentialed
professionals. We work with individual Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders.
  This program encourages positive change in the lives of our servicemen and
women and their families.

  Due to the nature of experiences and the extremely stressful conditions in
which soldiers, Law Enforcement and First Responders are required to survive, men and women sometimes become seriously ill or injured.
  Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an extremely common condition.
Blast-related injuries to the head have resulted in an usually high number
of those who suffer from moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries
(TBIs). Perhaps the greatest healing challenges are experienced by those who
struggle with the crippling effects of both a TBI and PTSD.

  Freedom Reigns Ranch understands the critical
nature of soldier's injuries and situations.

  Heroes and Hooves has on staff a Certified Therapy  Riding Instructor that is also a Combat Army Veteran diagnosed with P.T.S.D.  Feeling the need to help his fellow brothers and sisters dealing with these issues is the reason this Program was formed.  Heroes and Hooves offers this program to Heroes on a non-profit basis, free of charge, only operating on a donations to cover operational cost and care of our Horses.